Question about Logitech MX700 mouse recharging off PC

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I have a question about the Logitech mx700 cordless rechargeable mouse
and its lack of an external adapter power supply. I was given a combo
Logitech cordless keyboard & mx700 mouse for Xmas (as part of the
price/gift, it was already attached to my win xp pc by the home tech
people whom my relative bought the system off of.) I noticed right away
that the mouse when placed back in the cradle will continue to charge,
even after the pc is turned off- a feature I like very much. I also
noticed that there is no adapter option/outlet on this cradle, so I
guess it's solely powering off the USB or pc battery when the pc is

I would like to purchase the same mouse (but only the mouse & not the
keyboard) for another relative's win 98 pc, that has one circular mouse
port with a USB adapter on it and which currently houses a cordless,
but battery eating/non rechargeable Logitech mouse. When I looked on
eBay, I saw no such mx700 mouse, either with or without a keyboard,
that DIDN'T come with an adapter. So they must not charge off the pc
alone like mine does.

Did I get some kind of rare version of this mouse as a gift? Also, if I
was able to locate this particular mx700 with no adapter, would it be
compatible with my relative's older win 98 USB adapter'd/round mouse
port, as in, would it still be able to draw power from this source when
the pc is turned off?

Thanks for any input offered

Re: Question about Logitech MX700 mouse recharging off PC

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The MX700 has a "wall wart" for power. It is connected via
a "Y" at the USB connector end of the cable which attaches
to the charging cradle. So, there is just the single cable coming
out of the charger.

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