Q: What HD=200 Gb?

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I'm looking for Harddrive ca. 200Gb, for my worstation with SATA, for 24
hr/day use
any suggestions?

Re: What HD=200 Gb?

Robert Lochkamp wrote:
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Seagate and Western Digital have been my personal choices for the past few
years. Seagate for being a quiet and reliable drive with a 5 year warranty,
and WD for being faster, at least in benchmarks.



Re: What HD=200 Gb?

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If you want the absolute quietest out there Samsung have just announced the
SP2004C shown here:

Samsung have a very good reputation for low noise. I have 4x SP1203N HDDs in
my home server's RAID setup and other than at spinup/boot time they can't be
heard, not even when defragmenting them. The drives I bought all came with 3
year warranties too, although not all countries offer this and there are OEM
drives available which may have different warranty conditions - best to
check with the seller.


Re: Q: What HD=200 Gb?


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