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It has LCD in front side which would need to show the regular time and  
the two fan's spin offs i.e. if they are spinning on their maximum or  
not. Time and date are being corrupted i.e. being put back on the  
default (1.1.2004.) every time the computer is forced to shutdown or  
restarted with the case restart button. Anyone has an idea how to make  
lcd time and date to go normally...just like the bios time and date  is  
going normally every time i force a restart or shutdown ??


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Re: q:computer case with LCD-time and date...

Majki Majk wrote:
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Does the product have a make and model number ?

Does the product contain an internal battery, to operate
the oscillator and time piece inside the display ?

It won't be able to hold the time, unless a power
source is available at all times. Even when the
power switch on the back of the computer is
turned off. And that means it needs a battery or
a power adapter.


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