PWR Supply and CPU fan never shut down

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I recently assembled a computer consisting of all new parts. A DFI
CM33-tl with a PIII 1000mhz and 394mb pc133, and a 400 watt power
supply. Installed windows XP without any problems, but when the
system is shut down the cpu fan, case fan and power supply fan stay
running. The only way the fans stop is to kill power to the power
supply. i also noticed the hd led lights bright when the system is
shut down and fans continue to run.
Any input would be a help..........

Award bios v6.00
400 wat. Power supply
1 256mb PC133 & 1 128mb PC133 SD RAM
PIII 1000mhz
Samsung Black Int 16X OEM DVD-ROM Drive
Samsung Black 52x32x52x CDRW
WD Caviar 40GB EIDE HD 7200/2MB/ATA-100
speeze Socket 370 Heat Sink and fan
Mitsumi 1.44 Floppy Drive
Onboard Nic, Vid, and Sound
80mm ball bearing case fan
Windows XP Home W/SP2

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