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HP Pavilion 752n needs a PS.

Mobo:         TriGem 129504 (Imperial)
Socket:       mPGA478
Processor:   2.0 GHz P4 400MHz
Board Form: uATX
Graphics:     Onboard Intel
Sound:         Creative Sound Blaster Live CT4830
Drives:         1 CD-R, 1 DVD-ROM
Storage:       1 60GB Maxtor HD
Other:          PCI Firewire Card

The PC originally had a 200w PS; will a 150w PS be sufficient? How can
you tell?
Also, what are the basic principles regarding PS wattage selection?


Re: PSU questions

amc wrote:
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There are calculators that you can give you estimates, but the ultimate
test is how your usage overlaps with the PSU's performance.

Here's one calculator:

It suggests something in the high 200s.  Find some other calculators and
try them out as well.  I suspect that most will be geared to
overestimate power consumption, but that seems like the reasonable side
to put the error.

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Buy quality.  Sorry I've gotta go...

Re: PSU questions

On Tue, 10 Jul 2007 13:59:51 -0000, amc

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This is probably a mATX or is it PS3 form-factor (like std
PS2 but shorter)?

Don't downgrade the wattage, they're hard enough to keep
working long-term as it is (as you have found, yours

Get a quality name-brand rated for at least 200W, with a
high 12V amperage rating... about 10A @ 12V.  If it's a PS3,
here's an example,

and here's an example of what you'd want to avoid - a
generic with an inflated wattage rating,

Browse around Newegg's site for more options.  Note specs
and model #s for other sources if you wish (or need) to
purchase elsewhere).  Another option might be buying a
larger case (to accomodate std. PS2/ATX PSU), with a
significantly higher capacity PSU, as soon those HP parts
won't be worth much and you can pull the board/CPU/memory
and reuse the case & PSU to rebuild the system.

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