PSU or video card?

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Apologies for posting via Google but I'm desperate. I replaced my mobo yest
erday with an Asus M5A97 LE, no onboard graphics. PSU is 585W, video is Rad
eon HD 6770. Fans spin up fine without the video card, but when I plug it i
n, the fans start cycling up/down and I have no display. I've been beating  
my head against the wall since last night. Any suggestions/comments would b
e very welcome.

Re: PSU or video card? wrote:
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Did you check that the CPU version, the BIOS revision, you're
meeting the minimum requirement ? If the fan is cycling, it
might be that the BIOS is confused about the CPU. And a more
recent BIOS version is needed or something.

With RAM removed, it should beep the case speaker. That tells you
the CPU is running the boot block code at least. Someone here
didn't get any sound for removal of video, which is weird. If
there is no video card present, and the CPU is working, it
should beep too. The video card should go in the blue x16
slot preferentially (for the first video card).

It's probably not a PCI Express compatibility problem.

You could try testing the video card in another machine.

Also, while your testing is going on, observe the green
motherboard LED. It should remain lit solid, not blinking,
not glitching, but a nice solid green light. That's your
+5VSB status. If the light is going off, that's a power
supply issue. It could be the actual +5VSB which is overloaded
rather than some other rail.

The system should be powered off, and the green LED extinguished,
before changing out the video card or the RAM modules... Sometimes
it takes 30 seconds for the +5VSB to drain, so don't be in
a rush.

Your motherboard has two power connectors, the 4 pin ATX12V
and the main power connector. Your video card probably has
a 2x3 PCI Express on the end that must have the power
connected. The video card is 108W, but it won't
draw that power while sitting in the BIOS. A lesser
number at BIOS time. The 108W would be while gaming
with it.

(Single 2x3 for power on the video, shown here...)

The yellow wires on the ATX12V connector, should be nearest
the top edge of the board. Top two pins are yellow,
bottom two pins use black wire.

One other test case, is to run the motherboard outside the
case. My last build, I built the system up on my kitchen table,
with cardboard under the motherboard. That's a bit dangerous,
as the video card is not properly supported in its PCI Express
socket. But by doing it that way, I have easy access to the
hardware. I was able to detect my CPU VCore heatsink was
way too hot, because everything was within reach and I could
check the heatsink on the thing.

If someone else wants to look at the manual for comments,
the manual link I used is here.

I sometimes use my lightweight (non-gamer) video cards for an
initial test. I have a PCI video card, an FX5200, which I
can use to test the motherboard basic operation. But
not everyone is going to keep a crappy card like that
around just for testing :-) I needed that when I flashed
the VESA BIOS chip on another video card. I've also found
that the BIOS support on modern boards is poor, when it
comes to selecting the default card for displaying the
BIOS screen. And that takes some of the fun out of using the
old PCI card.


Re: PSU or video card?

Hi Paul--Thanks for your detailed response, and if I'm top posting I apolog
ize. I don't like tablets or Google groups much.

I live in a VERY rural area, no computer shops, parts, or advice readily av
ailable so I was really going in circles. I don't have names/numbers handy,
 but everything is compatible. I bought the mobo, RAM, and CPU from NewEgg  
as a combo after making sure my video card would do. I could only do the pa
per clip test on the PSU. After listening to the fans again, I realized it  
was the PSU fans cycling and they seemed loud, so I ordered another PSU. Wi
th my luck, I'll end up with a bunch of decent parts I don't need lying aro
und, but we'll see in a day or two.

Re: PSU or video card? [Follow up]

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Just wanted to say another "thank you."  I'm back up and running although  
not without a few attendant hassles.  Like Yogi said, "Nothing difficult is  
ever easy."  

Re: PSU or video card? [Follow up]

Thip wrote:

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So which hardware component was most responsible for the problem ?


Re: PSU or video card? [Follow up]

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PSU.  :-(  

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