psu for my pc...

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im curious about one thing, in the next few days id like to buy asus m2n32
mobo, athlon x2 3800 and gigabyte 7900gt, i have my old 480W tagan, and the
question is...will my old psu power up this set ?


Re: psu for my pc...

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Do you mean this Tagan ?

12V1 @ 20A    12V2 @ 20A

The 7900GT power is measured here. It is 48.42 watts, which is
roughly 12V @ 4A load. If this is the correct card, it will not
have an Aux power connector on the end of the card, at that
power level.

The Athlon X2 3800 is 89 watts:

The Vcore conversion circuit will draw 89W/12V * (1/0.90) = 8.24A

Totalling the currents:

12V2 = CPU loading only = 8.24A (of 20A available on your Tagan)

12V1 = Hard_drive + CDROM + video_card + cooling_fans
     =    0.5A    +  1.5A +    4A      +    0.5A
     =    6.5A (of 20A available on your Tagan)

Total power consumption on all 12V rails is:  12V * (8.24A + 6.5A) = 177W
The above Tagan supply has a limit of 360W and that limit is not
being exceeded.

I don't expect a problem. Adjust the above calculation to take
into account any other hardware you have connected.


Re: psu for my pc...

damn...Thank You for a great answer, a little corrections need to be made
here, my card is zalman edition (i cant find power consumption for this
card) it has a power connector, and psu is a 480W U01 v2, not a U15


Re: psu for my pc...

nau wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Maybe this is the video card:

It doesn't change the power consumption, but it is a bit of a puzzle.
An Xbitlabs article suggested that video card designs draw power
from the slot first, only resorting to the Aux connector on the end
if the current went over 4A from +12V. The connector on your card
implies perhaps, that they decided to draw the necessary 4A from
the Aux instead. I don't think that breaks any rules, and in your
case, it doesn't change the results (because your supply is a single
output 12V supply as it turns out).

Your Tagan is a single output 12V @ 28A. The total current I calculated
was 14.74A, or a little over half of the capacity of your supply.

The reason I don't calculate +3.3V and +5V, is there is not enough
data about the motherboard itself to do the calculation, and the
load on those rails is not normally an issue.

You still appear to be in good shape.


Re: psu for my pc...

yes, that was the right card, anyway thank You once again for a
comprehensive answer


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