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I am looking to buy a new PSU. I was wondering if the following specs
of the PSU will be compatible with the specs of my PC.
PSU Specs:
     PC Specs:
              Asus P4C800 Mobo (24 pin)
Logisys 550w All Clear PCI-X Power Supply                      2
Western Digital IDE Hard Drives
    * Supports Intel and AMD systems
Intel P4 Socket 478 w/ HT Technology
    * Supports 10 and 24-pin ATX Standard                         1 USB
PCI Card
    * Supports PCI Express and SATA                                1
ATI Radeon 9700 AGP Graphics Card
    * Full UV cable sleeving
      3 80MM, 1 120MM case fans (12V)
    * Low noise and ripple
      1 Artic CPU cooler (thermal regulator)
    * Dual Blue LED fans
      4 LED Lights (12V, Draw 200mA)
           2 12" Cold Cathodes (12V, Inverter)
     * 1 x 20/24-pin Mainboard
    1 CD-DVD Rom Drive
    * 1 x 4-pin P4
             1 Floppy Drive
    * 1 x 6-pin PCI Express
    * 2 x SATA
               (all fans controlled with fan controller)
    * 6 x 4-pin Molex
    * 2 x 4-pin FDD


    * Power Input:
          o Voltage: 100-127/200/240VAC
          o Current: 6/3A
          o Frequency: 60/50Hz
    * DC Output:
          o Max Power: 550W
          o Current:
                + +3.3V: 30A
                + +5V: 38A
                + +12V: 25A
                + -12V: 0.8A
                + -5V: 0.5A
                + +5VSB: 2A
    * Certifications: FCC part 15J class B, CISPR 22
    * Dimensions: 6" x 3 3/8" x 5 15/16"
    The above item can be found at


I am looking to buy a new PSU.

I am looking at the Logisys 550 Watt PSU

I was wondering if anybody has used this before or can tell me from
first hand experience whether this PSU is bad enough.

Re: PSU wrote:
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OMG. My eyes :-)

Seriously, Acrylic for a power supply is not too wise.
Think of the fire implications. That is placing a "fuel
load", right next to a source of heat, and with a fan
to feed fresh air to it, should burn real nice.

You didn't state what processor you had, so I'll assume
the most power hungry processor possible. This one is
103W. 103W/12V * (1/0.90) = 9.54 amps.

Radeon 9700 Pro. Power consumption here is 54W.

I can only compare it to a 9800 Pro, to get some idea of
how the power splits. That generation of cards seems to
use more 5V than 12V power. Less than 1A of 12V.

Allocate 0.5A for fans. 2*0.5A for two hard drives.
1.5A for CD/DVD drive.

Total: 9.54A + 1A + 0.5A + 2*0.5A + 1.5A = 13.5A.

A power supply with 25A on 12V, should have no trouble
with a 13.5A load from the computer. The 5V @ 38A is
going to have no problem running the video card.
Now, just get one without the acrylic on it :-)


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