ps2 to USB?

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I have a PS2 keyboard and a PS2 mouse.  Can I use an adapter (female
PS2 to USB male) to connect them to a desktop that only has USB, not

I think I remember reading somewhere that sometimes adapters will not

Thank you


Re: ps2 to USB?

On 12/9/2012 7:31 PM, Ape wrote:
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the passive adapters only work with mice/KB designed to work
on both PS2 and usb. Otherwise an active device is needed.

Re: ps2 to USB?

On 12/9/2012 6:31 PM, Ape wrote:
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I've had luck with devices like this:

There are some passive adapters that will only work with keyboards and
mice that are specifically designed with that in mind.

Re: ps2 to USB?

"Ape" wrote:

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Not unless the device itself supports and switches between the different
hardware protocols.  If you have a PS2/USB keyboard then it comes with a
USB end on its cable and includes a passive PS2 converter dongle to
connect the keyboard to a PS2 port.  If the keyboard only says it is USB
then you cannot use it on a PS2 port even if you have a USB-to-PS2
converter dongle.  A passive converter dongle won't work unless the
device itself can switch between hardware protocols.
This won't work with a USB-only keyboard.  The keyboard has to support
both USB and PS2.  The converter just changes the pinout to allow
connecting to the port.  It's passive so it won't change USB to PS2.

Passive converts merely change the physical pinout of the port you want
to use.  You use a passive "converter" with a USB+PS2 device.  You need
to use a dual protocol device with a passive pinout converter.  They
will not magically convert a USB-only device to a PS2 device, or visa
versa.  With a USB+PS2 device, the "magic" is logic inside the device.
The device is the active converter that switching between the different
signaling needed based on what it detects for a port connection.

If the device itself doesn't support both hardware protocols then the
only way to do the conversion "magic" is with an *active* converter.
Active hardware protocol converters are expensive and outstrip the cost
of you finding and buying a device that has the correct hardware support
that you need.
Here's an active converter that will adapt signaling based on detection
of physical port connection type.  Notice the price.  For this direction
of hardware protocol conversion, active converters are pricey.  Just go
buy the right keyboard and save yourself a lot of money and eliminate a
chained device that reduces reliability.  Luckily this looks like not
what you want as you want to convert in the other direction.
This one claims to be an active converter from PS2 to USB.  Lets you
connect a PS2-only keyboard to a USB port.  It gets its power (to be an
active device) from the USB port into which it is plugged.  This
direction of conversion (PS2 to USB) is easier and cheaper.  Since this
is the direction of conversion you want, it is a cheap solution.  I only
showed this one as an example.  However, notice how fat it is.  You will
block a paired USB port next to one used by this converter.  The USB
male connector might be on one side (so it is flat on that side) to
leave open a sister USB port alongside but you won't be able to use
another one of these in the sister port.  You'll also need room around
the USB port for the fat body to occupy.  There may be cabled versions
of this to eliminate blocking of a sister USB port and not require so
much room around the USB port for the converter's PCB inside, like the
one Grinder suggested.

Re: ps2 to USB?

Ape wrote:
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My mouse supports both USB and PS/2 protocols. The box included
the appropriate passive adapter. All the adapter does,
is fit a connector on the end of the cable, suitable for
plugging into the computer. This is the passive adapter
mine came with (same color and everything). There's no
chip in there, just wires. ?$S640W$

This "active" one, on the other hand, is for a
PS/2 mouse or keyboard which is not inherently dual-protocol.
This converts the protocol to the other flavor. Inside the
"blob" in the center, is a Chesen chip with a 12MHz processor
and some firmware, all for a target price of $5. It converts
PS/2 info, into USB packets.

The buying algorithm for those active converters, is
check the customer reviews. As far as I know, there
is only one supplier of the chip inside (Chesen), but
they made changes to the firmware stored inside the
chip over the years. Simply find one with "all good"
reviews. The very first chip released, used to freeze
after about ten minutes of usage. That no longer happens.
They seem to work now.


Re: ps2 to USB?

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Thanks all

Re: ps2 to USB?

On Sunday, December 9, 2012 5:31:05 PM UTC-7, Ape wrote:
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I bought about 5 adapter plugs/sockets, assuming they contained
electronics to do the PS/2-USB conversion, but they turned
out to be nothing but mechanical connectors and useless.  

You should be able to find information about electronic PS/2-USB
converters in this keyboard forum:

Most of them are a bit buggy because of poor firmware that doesn't interpret all
combinations of keys properly.  The best reviewed unit was $60 and really bulky,
but it worked flawlessly and accommodated both a keyboard and a mouse

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