PS/2 to USB Adapter ?

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I am now using a ps/2-vga KVM to link 4 machines potentially.  This
enables me to assist friends by working on their machines by simply
connecting up loose cables from the KVM to their machine(s) and
selecting same on the KVM.  Has made life very simple for me, and I
would like to retain that capability because most of those friends
have oldr PCs.

That said - I need to replace my defunct Machspeed machine as I have
described earlier.  I see most current machines now use USB for the
mouse interface and PS/2 for the keyboard.  Of course my mouse cabling
is PS/2 to and from the KVM.  Thus I figure a way I can go in order to
retain my KVM and its cabling, is to get a PS/2 to USB adapter.  Then
I can buy a new MOBO such as the Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H to replace my
troubled Machspeed.

Is this the thing to do?

I have found Sony PS2 Keyboard Mouse TO USB Adapter Supply #V4226


for only $8.99.

I am willing to listen to any comments or ideas about all this.



Re: PS/2 to USB Adapter ? wrote:
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Read the reviews for devices like that on Newegg, before you buy.

Some of the early ones, used to freeze or reset themselves
after about ten minutes of usage. Make sure the reviews are now
positive, about the operation of those things, before you buy one.
If they're still freezing or glitching, then stay away.

Plug your keyboard, into the Gigabyte keyboard port, and the
mouse, into your $8.99 adapter. That way, the BIOS setup screens
are more likely to work.


Some computers which have a single 6 pin mini-DIN, actual place both
mouse and keyboard signals on the same connector. There is no evidence
in the case of your Gigabyte motherboard, that they are doing that,
so this is unlikely to be available on your new motherboard.

On some notebooks, you can use an adapter like this, to get both
connectors. But for this to work, the original connector on the
laptop, would have to have

     power, ground, data, clock, data, clock     (PS/2 mini-DIN kbd+mouse)

or in other words, all six pins in use. Normally, two pins on the PS/2
six pin mini-DIN are not used. I have no first hand experience with
these, or the concept, so I cannot tell you how common this is as a
solution. A solution like this, provided on a notebook, would save
precious I/O space along the edge of the case.

How that cable works, is described in this article.

   "The "Y-splitter" cable adapter is connected as follows:

    Keyboard (F)      Computer (M)       Mouse (F)
    ------------      ------------      ------------
    pin function      pin function      pin function

      1=data ---------- 1=data       +--- 1=data
      2 n.c.            2 -----------+    2 n.c.
      3=gnd ----------- 3=gnd ----------- 3=gnd
      4=+5v ----------- 4=+5v ----------- 4=+5v
      5=clock --------- 5=clock   +------ 5=clock
      6 n.c.            6 --------+       6 n.c.        "

The power and ground feed both cables. There are enough pins,
so both the mouse and the keyboard, get their own private
clock and data signals.


Re: PS/2 to USB Adapter ?

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An Asus P5QL-E m/b has two ps/2 ports if that suits your needs.  The only
problem I've had in 7 months of rock solid operation is extraneous noises
from my PC speakers which can be fixed by either disconnecting the internal
beep speaker or muting PC Beep in the windows mixer.

Re: PS/2 to USB Adapter ?

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I've got a couple of sites with the PS/2 KVM to PS/2-USB adaptor setup you
propose working fine.
However I've had a few problems with some brands & motherboard combinations.
I would suggest getting 2 or 3 different brands with right of return for the
unwanted one's.


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