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I have an abit vt7 motherboard that says it supports pentium 4's 478
pin i would like to purchase either this

Intel Pentium 4 3.0E Prescott 800MHz FSB Socket 478 Processor Model
RK80546PG0801M - OEM for   $107.98

or  Intel Pentium 4 2.8A Prescott 533MHz FSB Socket 478 Processor Model
BX80546PE2800E - Retail for   $124

or Intel Pentium 4 3.0E Prescott 800MHz FSB Socket 478 RoHS Version
Processor Model NE80546PG0801M - OEM for   $138

Which one should i choose and will my vt7 support it???

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Re: Processor selection

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Don't know which your mainboard will support, but I would go for the first
one on the list.

You might need to do a BIOS update to support the newer chips.

Re: Processor selection wrote:

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The VT7 appears to be compatible with 90nm and 0.13u P4
processors and with Celeron D.

The third one in your list, is stepping G1, and looks
pretty new. Family code is 0F49. Power 89W

The first one consists of several steppings, and E0 is
the latest. Family code is 0F41. Power 89W

Unless the description of the third one, offers a feature
that I've missed, I'd probably take the cheap one for $107.98,
as it has everything the third one has got, and looks to
burn the same amount of power.

Since the OEM processors don't usually come with a heatsink
fan, you'll also be in the market for a neatsink/fan for
the thing. I'd spend a few extra bucks, and get a decent
one. My favorite is the Zalman 7000B, and there is one
here for $30 - I like it because you insert and tighten
two screws to install it. With your 89W processor, I'd
leave the fan running at full speed (plug direct to +12V
power on fan header). The only negative about the 7000B,
is wiring inside the computer, tends to get caught in the

(fitting info for 7000 series - your processor socket is not
right up to the top edge of the motherboard, so power supply
to motherboard clearance is not likely to be an issue) (AB)_478MBlist_eng.htm


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