Processor, Motherboard & RAM speed

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What is the relation between processor (clock & FSB speed), motherboard
and RAM speed ?
What should be the speed of these 3 products to get maximum performance
? Please answer with a example from Intel and/or AMD based PC.

Re: Processor, Motherboard & RAM speed

On 27 Feb 2006 10:23:12 -0800, "Tamal"

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CPU determines FSB speed.  Motherboard chipset determines
the memory bus speeds supported with any particular FSB
speed.  In general, the memory bus speed support is for same
or 33MHz (clock rate) higher than the FSB speed, though in
modern times the chipsets have given a wider allowance for
faster or slower memory bus speeds even though most systems
are not set up in this way because there is either
diminishing return or lower performance from it.

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You don't choose it like this, rather buy the processor and
motherboard product line that the system budget supports.
Within this context they are details you do not use to
choose, rather are what you "get".  In general, modern AMD
or Intel use 200MHz FSB (clock rate), which is either
DDR400, or QDR800 (Intel, so-called quad-pumped) so the
memory bus is then 200MHz clock rate.

Maximum performance means little, it has to be in context-
context of where an application's bottleneck is, context of
budget, context of whether system can (or should/shouldn't)
be overclocked, context of the necessary spec for the
components used - memory, cpu, chipset.

Given your question, it would be safer for you to completely
ignore these parameters and just do as the manufacturers
intend, buy what the budget allows based on the CPU  model
name and from there you do not choose but are bound to the
associated, specified FSB & memory bus unless you choose to

The most generic answer possible is- maximum performance
comes from all of these being as high as possible, but there
are finite limits to how high any given technology can
support and manufacturer imposed limits to preserve market
tiering, pricing structures.

Re: Processor, Motherboard & RAM speed

Well, I asked some questions in AMD forum ( /) to
determine whether AMD based system is better than Intel based systems
or not. They (perhaps fans of AMD or workers in AMD) answered with some
technical information that in a given budget AMD is far better than
But from AMD Athlon 64 bit's data sheet it is informed that AMD
processor supports 100MHz, 133MHz and 200 MHz DDR SDRAM. But my RAM is
of 400MHz. So my RAM might not work at 400MHz. Is it the case ?

Re: Processor, Motherboard & RAM speed

On 14 Mar 2006 20:19:15 -0800, "Tamal"

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Ram is not spec'd as "400MHz", what exactly do you have?

I would suspect you have PC3200, which is 200MHz (clock
rate), and being DDR memory, could be called DDR400 but not
400MHz.  If that is what you have, it is fine.

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