Processor/HT Technology Question

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I was looking to purchase a new system and was just comparing
processors.  The 2 models I'm looking at both have an Intel Pentium 4
Processor.  The speed of one of them is 2.93 Ghz with a 533 Front side
bus (Intel 915GV Chipset)... which does not have the HT Technology.
The other is 3.0 Ghz, with HT Technology, 800 Mhz Front side Bus, and
1 MB L2 Cache.  

Since the speeds of both of these processors are quite similar, would
there be a significant difference in speed or performance of these 2
systems?  Both have 512 MB DDR SDRAM.  Also, what exactly is HT
Technology?  Is it just something Intel hyped up... or should I only
be looking at processors with this HT Technology?  

If this matters, the first system is an HP Pavillion a805n Desktop and
the other is a Dell Dimension 3000... customized with that processor
and memory.  

The primary uses of this system would generally be web surfing, word
processing, also some photo editing, and other desktop publishing
activities. This will not be used for gaming at all.  

So, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this.  Thanks in
advance for your assistance!


Chris Martin

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