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I'm shopping for a new processor and am comparing the Athlon 64 3200+
and Pentium D 930.

I am leaning toward the Pentium D, but was wondering if anyone has had
any problems with them overheating.   Also if people have had problems
with the Athlon 64 overheating, I'd like to hear that too.

I've read neither processor should run above 65 deg. celsius and that
the Intel processor will throttle down the clock speed when the
temperature gets too hot.  Can anyone tell me more about that?

Also, any of you who have these processors, do you use special cooling
techniques?  If so are these necessary or does your processor just run
faster with those techniques?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Re: Processor Cooling wrote:
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Overheating means the cooling is inadequite. The lookout of the system
builder to properly cool his system. Laptops, of course are the
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The first is probably true. Don't let your chip get hot enough to test
the second part.

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Stock coolers are usually fine. But your chip will live longer if it
stays cooler.You will also want to run the hardware monitorig stuff if
you're retrofitting an older case, as the older case designs did not
always cool as efficiently.There wasn't as much heat to deal with.

Water cooling is possible, but there's really no need, and the system
must be maintained. For a while, it will be used by hobbyists and
serious overclockers.

Extra case fans are a good idea if your chip is running hot. They're a
lot easier to set up.

  If so are these necessary or does your processor just run
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Complicated answer: No, the fact that you applied extra cooling does
not, by itself make the processor run faster. It may be more reliable.
Not faster.

However, extra cooling is often required for overclocking. Because
running the processor faster generates more heat, which must be dealt

Re: Processor Cooling

On 30 May 2006 22:03:47 -0700, wrote:

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ive got a 3200 64, 3800 Duel COre X2 and a 2800 sempron 64.
You just plop them in and run them with the stock fan. They run cool
enough. If you go by the bios readings they run fairly low 113-118 F.
I have them in a wide variety of cases ---- some with several fans and
others with one fan in the front. I still have to get one for the

Its only critical if you have a  really awful case or overclock.

I like the AMDs but am actually now thinking of the Pent 805 D since
its cheap and getting cheaper and overclocks like crazy.

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