Problems with TFT monitor

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Call for help...

I've just acquired an HP 1702 TFT in unknown working condition. I connected
it up, and (to my mild surprise) it worked fine. I've had it connected to my
PC for a couple of days without any problems. This morning, I moved it over
and connected it to my second PC, and since then it has stopped working. It
doesn't turn on. The same happens when I move it back to where it was in the
first place. It's not completely dead, but nearly: by this I mean that when
first connecting it to the mains, the status light goes briefly orange, then
green, then shows the correct display for half a second, then completely
turns off. Then it's completely dead, unless I unplug it, wait a few
minutes, and plug it back in, at which point it will usually go through the
orange-green-off cycle again (plugging it back in immediately normally does
nothing). I've put up a really bad video (admittedly not very helpful) of
what happens when I plug it in:

Any experts able to diagnose a specific problem? Any advice on what to do? A
friend of mine said he may be able to repair it, but would need the service
manual/circuit diagrams for the screen. Can this be found anywhere? Would it
be economically feasible (compared to the price of a newer and better
display) to give this to HP for repair?

Any advice appreciated!


Re: Problems with TFT monitor

Gregory wrote:
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It worked, was moved, it doesn't work.  This might be a simple as a
loose connection somewhere in the monitor.  What happens if you use the
power and menu buttons?


Re: Problems with TFT monitor

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Thanks to everyone for all your answers. TFT is still dead...

I rang up people along the "chain" to get to the original owner, and he
confirmed this fault. It seems to be more than just a loose connection. He
said that the screen will turn on occasionally if you're lucky, especially
after prolonged periods of being switched off. Once it's on, it works
without any problems, even if it goes into standby mode, but once you switch
it off, you're hard pressed turning it on again. So that does somewhat
explain why it turned on the first time, but hasn't turned on since (no luck
even after 48 hours off "offness"!)

He said it's less than 3 years old, so it should be under warranty, so I'll
try and get it fixed by HP.


Re: Problems with TFT monitor

On Fri, 2 Jun 2006 10:53:12 +0300, "Gregory"

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hehe, always wear gravity boots for best results when
shooting video.

Has your friend been inside an LCD before?  Modern screens
are a bit more challenging to fix than an old TV set would
be.  It's not going to be cost effective to ship it off and
pay for repair.  Unless there were some very minor thing
wrong that didn't require parts replacements, just a loose
cable or similar and you knew someone local, it "might" be
cost effective to fix but probably not.

If you had a spare supply lying around you might try it to
rule out that part, if external rather than internal.  An
internal supply change or tethered trial of an alternate
supply might be possible but it all depends on your or your
friend's time and having the spare supply.  I doubt you'll
get the service manual unless you happened to find someone
in a forum somewhere that had it... though you might as well
google search for that.

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