Problems with new laptop internet connection

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Hi all
I hope someone can help with the following problem

After recently buying a laptop for my daughter , i have been trying to setup
the internet connection for her. The laptop is running Vista home basic ,

I already have a broadband connection on our home pc using a thomson usb
modem   , and wanted to utilise the same connection method for her , with an
identical usb modem as i do not want to buy a new wireless connection.

I havetried installing the modem which went fine and have the 2 green lights
showing that everything is okay I have run diagnostics on the modem and it
is working correctly , but it will not connect to the net . I have checked
the firewall and have turned it off just to make sure .

I have set up a new internet connection on the laptop and checked all the
settings are the same as on the home pc  but to no avail . It asks for a
connection then tries to connect using wan miniport pppoe .

I have tried using the home pc connection but it does just the same .

The home PCis running XP BTW .

Has anyone got any Ideas or suggestions where I can look for info about this



Re: Problems with new laptop internet connection

Glenn Spray wrote:
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Call your ISP. In most instances using two modems at once will not work.

The most common way to share the connection is by using a router. Your ISP
may be willing to supply a wireless gateway at little or no additional cost.

Re: Problems with new laptop internet connection

On Tue, 25 Dec 2007 16:36:40 -0000, "Glenn Spray"

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First, for security reasons you would be better off using a
router inbetween your system and the modem.  For performance
reasons it will also help to use ethernet instead of USB.

Therefore my suggestion is to buy a wireless router.  It is
SO much nicer to be able to move about with a laptop and
still connect to the internet and after all, that
portability is what a laptop is all about.

However, you can possibly install a 2nd modem, BUT you have
to get a second internet account, because of the way the
typical cable company has it set it it ties the account to
one modem, can't use multiples.  You can even take your
modem to someone else's house and use  it on your account,
or vice versa someone can bring their modem to your home and
use it with their account.  That it is the same premises is
not relevant.

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Often these days a cable company will set up what they call
a walled garden, in that the new and as yet unregistered
modem can only connect to a page displaying they own that
service, or to a modem registration page.

It might also be possible that in adding splitters to get
the signal to the new modem and that addt'l load on the
line, that your signal strength drops too low but we have no
direct evidence of that and it still wouldn't work for the
reason cited above if the signal strength were ok.

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A wireless router is the best option.   Otherwise you could
use a wired router and string the ethernet cable to the
system or contact your ISP to confirm you can purchase a
second account.  When I write "account" it is a bit of a
misnomer since it is still the same account, you're just
being billed for a second connection and they might offer
you a discount for the 2nd connection but a wireless router
would be less expensive, quickly paying for itself in lower
ISP fees.

It need not be something fancy and expensive, a typical $10
after rebate 802.11g may work fine, though if the laptop is
very new and has an 802.11n network adapter then it would
make sense to get an 802.11n capable wireless router to
support it.

Re: Problems with new laptop internet connection

Thx for your help ,

If  I disconnect one modem connection and plug in theother do yoy think it
should in theory work then ?



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Re: Problems with new laptop internet connection

On Wed, 26 Dec 2007 12:29:28 -0000, "Glenn Spray"

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Only if you had either:

A)  The two accounts, one for each modem

B)  Contacted the cable company and unregistered the old
modem and registered the new one.  Then of course the old
modem won't work when you switched back to using it.

It is possible your cable company has set it up differently,
for the final word you should contact them.

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