Problems with Firewire/IEEE1394

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I hope someone can help me with this, because I've had it for a long time
now, and as you can imagine, it's really bothersome.

Right, on to the problem.
A while ago, I bought an external hard drive casing, one that fits an
internal hard drive.
Along with it, I bought a PCI card with 3 Firewire connections on it. (no
brand, unfortunately)

So, I installed the Firewire PCI card, it is visible in my System
I put the HD in the casing & connected it. Everything went well.

I have 2 partitions, F and G on it.

That is, untill friends came over and connected their Firewire drive to my
A few possible problems occur

1) If they copy from my external drive to their external drive, the data is
corrupted. What's more important is: it has the file, the correct size, only
it seems to have the data from the other partition.
So for example, if it's a videofile, it will open in Mediaplayer, only it
will play songs that were on my other partition, or gibber about with small
I'm thinking that when I copy from partition F, sector X till Y, it takes
sector X till Y from partition G...
But it doesn't always do that, sometimes the files copy just fine :-/

2) Another, way more troublesome, problem is the fact that connecting any
kind of Firewire device (including Ipod), *corrupts* the data I have on one
of my internal partitions. I also have another internal harddisk, with
partitions H and I. And if I connect a new Firewire harddrive, it will
corrupt my H partition. Files just don't show up any longer, or they are

And something else, that's interesting to add... At some point, I wanted to
remove my external hard drive from it's casing and use it internally.
When I installed it internally however, my data was *again* corrupted, it
was doing as described in 1)
The files on partition F seemed to be sectors on partition G, text documents
were totally scrambled. Large archives were corrupted.
I asked a friend for advice, and he told me to try & reconnect it
externally... and guess what... everything worked again. All my files were
there again and working properly - a few exceptions noted.

Some things to note:
- I always connect & disconnect my drive correctly, using the disconnect
icon in the Taskbar.
- It only happens with Firewire. If I connect the same device that would
corrupt it with Firewire, only this time trough USB, it works perfectly.
- I'm using an Athlon1800+, USB1, no standard Firewire (reason why I had to
buy this plugin card)

I do hope one of you knows a solution for this, and any help in the matter
would be greatly greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance...


Re: Problems with Firewire/IEEE1394

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Check the file systems. ie. NTFS and\or FAT32. Could be a conflict. PS. I
prefer to use my External on USB. Just a personal choice.
best wishes..OJ

Re: Problems with Firewire/IEEE1394

Firewire cards using the VIA chips should be avoided like the plague, Texas
instruments chipset is the best. Check which type your board has.

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Re: Problems with Firewire/IEEE1394

Hmm it is indeed a VIA chipset
more specifically, "VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller"

I'm guessing you're right, was afraid of that much, that it couldn't really
be fixed. :(
Well, I guess I should install a different one and test it then.

Thanks a bunch for the reply!

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