Problems With Adaptec 2400a RAID Card. (rare problem ? ? ? or Common Problem...? ? ?)

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Hello Group,  I've had 2 Adapted 2400 Raid cards operating for over 2 years
now and I had problems with the second card.  In fact, the computer would
NOT start up until I removed the card.

I took the card/drives apart & manually looked at the contents....

RAID 1 card was A.O.K. each drive had a perfect mirror.

RAID 2 card had the problems...!  The first 2 drives (set as RAID1(mirror)
was missing 50 GB of Data(out of 210GB) in 2 large directories.  The second
2 drives (set as RAID1(mirror) was a disaster - the primary drive was O.K.,
but the mirror drive had somehow LOST it's format..!  Plus when I checked
the drive in Windows drive manager, windows gave an error of the drive
having NO Parity set  ! ! ! ! !

Note that on Card 2 the blinking leds indicated a hardware error and a
memory error.

So.... Is this a common problem ? ? ?

AND... at NO TIME did the Adapted Software indicate that anything was wrong


Any Comments appreciated.

Anyone else have problems with the Adapted 2400 A card ???

Thanks to all that responds.


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