problems w/ SATA

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My sister bought a new PC which has a SATA hard disk. After a few days
it startet to bring blue-screens compaining about a critical error.
Now it's not even possible to reinstall Windows XP. Formating and
copying takes a lot of time and before finishing the installation
the blue-screen reapears.
To make sure it doesn't depend on the OS I tried to create a new
partition (with ext3 filesystem) on this disk with Knoppix.
This also took a horrible amount of time and the system told me that
98% it is waiting (for the hardware/IO/...).
So I assume there is something buggy with the hardware.
What else can I do except replacing the SATA wire? I have no experience
in this SATA things. All my PCs are using PATA.
After discovering this error the first time we sent the PC back to the
shop and the sub-supporter told that they have checked everything, it
has something to do with the recovery cd which were not sent back (but
this cd was sent to them).


Jörg Schütter                   /

Re: problems w/ SATA

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Never send software to tech support :-)

Never send a disk drive to tech support/repair with valuable
files on it, as the disk will be erased for you, and the
files will be gone :-)

And never ask tech support to baby sit your children, as they will
eat the children :-)

Let us say the disk drive is made by Seagate.
Then, you would download "Seatools Desktop", and make a
bootable floppy from the tool. When you boot from the
floppy disk, you will be able to test the SATA drive using
the Seagate test program. Perhaps that test can tell you
whether the disk itself is good or not. /

Other disk manufacturers also have test programs for download.
Check the label pasted on the disk drive, to see whether it is
made by Seagate, Maxtor, Hitachi/IBM, Samsung, Fujitsu, or some
other company.

You may have trouble getting your recovery CD back, but keep
pestering the tech support.


Re: problems w/ SATA

Make and Model # of motherboard?
BIOS?  Revision #?
Hard Drive?
Power Supply?

Try googling to see if others have had similar problems!

Re: problems w/ SATA

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Dude, what convince you that it's the SATA's problem?
Try to download Microsoft's Memory test or Memtest, then do a test on your
I had rich experience on BSOD that was caused by RAM rather than HDD :)

Re: problems w/ SATA


On Sun, 19 Feb 2006 11:18:08 +0100

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I replaced the SATA cable and the problem was gone. Thanks for
your helps.


J=F6rg Sch=FCtter                   /

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