problem with new wirelss router

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I'm trying to figure out if I have a defective router, problem with
the ISP, or some other odd problem.

I recently purchased a used computer, and it has a wireless card in
it. I have always had dialup even though 2 other computers in the
house have comcast. I decided it would be nicer to use the wireless
than to run wire to my computer.  I bought a Belkin wireless router.
It is the g which matches my card.

I ran the software setup, and it is fine until it gets to the last
part where it is supposed to check the internet connection. The laptop
computer hooked to the router via the cable shows that it is connected
to the internet, but it cannot load any pages in Netscape Internet
Explorer. The Desktop with the wireless card shows a strong wireless
connection, but the internet connection goes back and forth being on
for only a few seconds at a time.

We are thinking that there is something wrong with the router since it
is hooked up correctly and does show a connection through it. I've
been told to return it, buy a cable, and skip the wireless. I'd like
to see if there are any other possibilities before i do that. I was
hoping to use the wireless and maybe get a wireless card for my

Somebody else told me that comcast makes you buy their own router and
that other equipment won't work with it. Is there any truth to that?

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you have not said if you tried the router just on the laptop with out
the other pc on. try taking out the wireless card in the pc you brought or
turn it off see if the router works then put the wireless card back in the
pc boot up and see what happens then you should know what is wrong.

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