Problem with my Epox 8RDA3+ motherboard

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So I got home this afternoon and noticed that my system had locked
up.  I thought it might have had something to do with an overheating
issue had had resolved about a month ago.  Perhaps that issue was
resurfacing.  So I turn my machine off for about 30 minutes to allow
it to cool down and try turning it back on.  Nothing.  Not even the
BIOS information.  To top that off, the board is posing 'FF'.  Great.
So I try taking out all the RAM and turning it back on.  Interesting
thing is that the board doesn't sound an alarm like I think it normally
should.  Put back in the RAM and start pulling the cards (all 2 of them;
a video card and a HD controller card) in turn and rebooting after
the removal of each.  Nothing.  Still posting 'FF'.  So I take out the
CPU and reboot.  Nothing.  Still posting 'FF'.  And just as with the
RAM, no alarm sounded indicating that the CPU was missing.

Is this an indication that the motherboard is bad?


Re: Problem with my Epox 8RDA3+ motherboard


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How do the caps look? Swollen tops? Any leaks? Brown, beige crusty
stuff on it or around it?  That model is the one I saw lots of posts
regarding bad EPOX boards with bad caps - the EPOX 8RDA3+ . Something
about GSC caps generally being the bad caps and how many people got
Teapo replacement caps after sending it in.

Check the board out though to make sure it isnt bad caps. No use
getting all hot and bothered about bad caps if it isnt the problem but
your model is one of the boards mentioned in some threads. If it does
have bad caps its a waste to try to mess with it just send it in.

Im waiting for a Leadtek to be sent to me.

Ive got to admit they are pissing me off a  bit.

They dont answer their phone at all except one out of zillion tries.
They did anwer the email about the RMA and issued me a number quickly
but since then NOTHING.  They have no system setup like say ABIT does
to give you any info about when they got it , when they shipped it out
- or if they got it.  I called after a week a half again and emailed
then over and over and over.  You get not replies. I then caught them
by accident - someone picked up the phone and they claimed they sent
it out Monday.  Well its saturday now. I dont know but what service
takes over a week to get to me? Hmmmm.....................NONE.  Fed
ex and UPS maybe slow but they arent that slow to this spot. Nothing
ticks me off more than when they just lie to you. If they would have
just said it isnt ready yet fine. Itll take another week fine. But
just lie and say it went out two days ago, slimey.  Now I cant trust
them. Who knows if and when Ill get it. Ill have to call monday again
and pray I get through. You can imagine what my rating for Leadtek is
like ---- Im telling people to avoid them. I would be leery about
buying any cards from them just in case you have to RMA the thing and
motherboards? Youd have to be insane to buy one from them when there
are so many others, I see they have new models  but I dont see them
selling anywhere., I wonder why?

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