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I have been using a SimpleTech 320 GB external hard drive for my
collection of recorded books, a folder for each book and these divided
into folders such as Fiction A-D.  Several days ago, since some of the
folders were getting very full, I added some new folders and moved
some of the books into them.

My computer is always on, as was this external hard drive.  It is a
Dell Studio laptop with Windows 7.  This afternoon, I suddenly got a
message that the external hard drive needed to be formatted.  Since I
declined to reformat it, Windows suggested I check and fix the file
structure.  So I tried that.  It appeared to be working OK until it
got to a certain point and then progressed no further.  

I tried rebooting but of course that did no good.  Windows was able to
let me see the Properties, but not the contents of the drive.  So I
turned off the computer and removed the problem drive, and hooked it
to my other laptop, another Dell, this one running Vista.  It could
see some of the contents.  Some of the book folders don't show up at
all, while others show up but are reported as empty.  

I catalogue the books with Media Monkey and it took a very long time
to scan the drive and update its data base.  I don't know if this
could have somehow screwed up the file system on the drive, but if
that's the problem, it seems strange that it took it three or four
days to manifest itself.

I'm in the process of salvaging those books which appear to have
survived whatever tragedy has befallen this hard drive to another
external hard drive.  

Can anyone suggest a way to make this drive remember what's actually
on it, or are those folders which are now reported as empty really

Thanks for any help you can offer.  

Re: problem with external hard drive

Try using a file recovery program.

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Re: problem with external hard drive


Have you tried the file recovery from external hard drive software. This to
ol will perfectly suits you because it gives the option to restore datas fr
om lost partition and resized partitions of the hard drive. You can downloa
d the demo version from here. First try the demo version of it if you get g
ood output get the full version of it as i did....

Re: problem with external hard drive

If you have problem not able to recover your data then you can try one of the
data recovery software for external hard drive that you can get easily from the

Re: problem with external hard drive

Emily wrote:
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There are many programs, for $39.95, that will attempt to recover
files from a hard drive. In some cases, you can download them
as a trial, and they'll tell you what files they can see.
They won't actually give you the files, until you pay the $39.95.

You should have another hard drive, to hold the recovered files.
(Never immediately write anything to the damaged drive, as it
could wipe out the files that haven't been recovered yet.)
With "file scavengers", there is no guarantee the file names
will be preserved, so depending on the tool, the files could
end up with goofy names. And that can be the hardest part of
scavenging, is putting the file names back.

If you want a free program to try, there is this one. The history of this
was, the program was free for download. At some point, the author got
tired of supporting it, and sold it to some other company, to be
used as a base of a commercial program. The original "free" website
was closed down. This site hosts a copy of the free file before
it was sold off.

Any time you download a program like that, you can upload it to and have it scanned for viruses. That isn't
a guarantee the file is not a trojan, as a person wishing to deliver
a trojan, can also use that site to check whether it can be detected
or not. But at least virustotal gives you a chance to test small
programs and see if they have trivial infections.


Re: problem with external hard drive

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When I finished copying the books that appeared to be intact to
another drive, there were 33 GB of them, out of 200 GB.  Then I ran
the scan and fix thing again and this time it went all the way through
the process and appears to have recovered everything.  (I'm not
positive of that yet as 200 GB represents a lot of books and I haven't
been through every folder.)  The only weird thing I've noticed is that
in a couple of book folders, there was one "date modified" which is
months different from the rest of the folder although that's clearly a
mistake.  At this point, I have concluded that Vista is smarter than
Windows 7. ;-]

I haven't reconnected the drive to the computer it was originally on
yet so I don't know for sure that it'll be able to read it, but I'm
optimistic.  I will wipe out Media Monkey's database and let it do it
over again in case that had something to do with the original problem.
I will also copy the books I haven't listened to yet and some that I
may want to listen to again to the other drive before I move the drive
just in case.  I was really upset to think I'd lost most of my
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks -- I will keep the link just in case.  I'm very careful about
what I download but you never know.  

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