Problem with DVD writer sony DRU-190A?

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hi friend am Rahul,
I have a problem with my new DVD writer.
Am purchased Dvd drive yesterday and am connected that ..
And I see an icon for that in my computer,but when am inserted a DVD
on the drive.The DVD is Autorunable disk.
but then get an Error message
"The file or directoey is corrupted or unreadable".very this type CDs
or DVD.I get this Eroor Messeage...
But am opened by "RUN".
Then I See the files and folders.but when i access that it is behave
like a scratched DIsk...
Every DVDs and CD when I inserted i get same message.
I can't access any files in the drive..
I have two OS
windows xp and windows 98.
when i work with these CDs and DVDs on win98,,i can access all the
please help me.. My computer configuration is given below.
Mother board-P4VP-MX-UAYZ
256DDR1 RAM.

Re: Problem with DVD writer sony DRU-190A?

rahulkrishna222 wrote:
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That amount of memory isn't much for XP, it needs more than Win 98--But
what type of DVDs are you using.  Purchased movies, or something you
made.  What software are you running to access the drive, such as Roxio
or some other type of product?

Can you write to a new disc and read it then?

When you put the drive in, did you check to make sure the Master/slave
jumpers were correct for your situation?


Re: Problem with DVD writer sony DRU-190A?

On Sun, 27 Apr 2008 00:27:19 -0700 (PDT), rahulkrishna222

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Is it possible you had some commercial media that when ran
previously, installed some kind of DRM that you have since
removed and having done so, it has broken the drivers?

I would try doing a testbed install of XP, clean and
unpatched to see if the problem persists... then let Windows
update itself to the present level the main OS installation
is at.

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