Problem with Cheyenne Bitware fax program

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Hi Everywun :-)

I run Winfax Pro but it has no sensor to pick up fax tones and so it can't
answer fax calls. It answers ALL calls.

To improve the situation, I downloaded and installed Cheyenne Bitware but it
can't find the internal modem, which is on Com3 with IRQ 17. I had shut down
WinFaxPro completely in the Task Manager. The Bitware help file goes into a
lot of detail about what to do if the modem is on Com3 and Windows can't
detect it. Mine has been running happily on com3 and I had no trouble
installing it. Bitware has a useless autodetect program and it seems to have
no facility for inputting the modem data. Bitware has ini and inf files but
they are too complex to fill out by hand.

I can't find what is on Coms 1 and 2 in my computer. On NT 4  there was an
icon in Con Pan that gave info about hardware settings, like memory location
and which IRQs were used by each hardware component. It seems to be missing
from Win2K. I know that the mouse uses IRQ 12, so it's not on Com1 or 2.
These two coms have the normal memory and IRQ settings. Does anyone know
where that information is stored and/or how to get the fax prog running?

At this time, I'd rather not dump WinFaxPro because there are lots of faxes
there that I may need in the future. Does anyone know if the sent and
received faxes can be turned into regular format images, like jpg?



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