Problem with C-Media sound

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I've got Gigabyte GA-81915G PRO motherboard and on-board sound C-Media
    Recently I installed TV Tuner AverMedia 303/403. Unfortunately I can't
hear any sound from my speakers. I checked TV Tuner's audio-out  and
it's working properly. When I connect Tv Tuner's audio-out by cable to
Line-in (blue jack) I can't hear any sound from speakers connetcted to
Line-out (green jack).
    After these adversities I connected Tape Player to Line-in (blue jack)
and I recorded sound without any problems. So, audio signal connected
to Line-in (blue jack) can't be played in Line-out (speakers).
    Is it a motherboard defect ?? I installed newest drivers for C-Media
and for TV Tuner. I tried all changes in Xear3D program's
    It's weird for me that neither in configuration of mixer (Xear3D) nor
in configuration of Volume Control (Windows XP) there's no Line-in

Re: Problem with C-Media sound


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You recorded sound, BUT, did you also hear that sound at the
time?  I"m wondering if this is simply an issue of wrong
settings in WIndows(?) mixer, or similar settings in the
CMedia mixer.

If you are always listening for the audio by running the TV
tuner softare, that software might be misconfigured or
buggy.  Try changing the settings and th windows mixer and
if that offers no relief then check for a newer version of
the TV software, uninstalling the old before installing new
version.  If you're not running newest DirectX version
(presuming windows), update that too.  Below you wrote that
you did install newer drivers... it's possible there is a
bug present that still hasn't been resolved, but you might
also seek fellow users of that TV card in a video capture
oriented web forum. Offhand I don't recall any forums but a
Google search including your brand of card might find some.

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That seems relevant, try digging around more in the Windows
mixer settings to see if you can find the Line In setting.

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