Problem with a DC supplier

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What do you do with DC suppliers feeding PCs and peripherals, since
normally they cannot be switched off and are continuously bound to mains?
Now for ethical reasons and also to spare energy I plugged all of them to
a multi-socket that can be switched off but a problem arose with a PC
since 3 years, namely when I switch the multi-socket on I hear a periodical
noise like awful hits and the lights power & HD blink and I can't switch
the PC on by the power key - this lasts about 10', then little by little the
noise decreases and stops and after some 5' I succeed in switching the PC on
and all works ok. I was able to discover this procedure after some time,
when at last I thought the PC was ko. Now I decided to leave the DC supplier
of that PC always on, while the malfunction does not affect another PC
working since only 8 months.
Perhaps this DC supplier will soon break down? what could I do?
il barbi

Re: Problem with a DC supplier

On Sat, 20 Oct 2007 21:15:24 +0200, "il barbi"

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The DC supplier or PSU, is meant to be left plugged into
live AC continuously.  If you have other peripherals with
separate supplies, you might plug those into a separate
multi-outlet surge strip and switch them off independant of
the system.

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