Problem with 855GME and external display (laptop)

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Hello all,

I currently discovered a problem with the used chipset Intel 855GME and an
external digital TFT I added to my laptop.

When laptop is started up with  the external display connected, there is no
problem to get the screen on both displays (clone mode via Intel driver,
preconfigured). After opening the laptop again (action on close : none) I will
get the picture on my laptop screen as well, even when I disconnect the external

But when I start up the laptop without the connected external display, I only
have the possibility to get the screen on one display (ALT-SHIFT-F3 or F4) or
again I have to configure the driver to clone mode.

Is there a way to have an automatic configuration for both (!) situations to get
the screen on both displays at the same time ? I know the external display is
discovered via PnP but it would be nice to have both outputs on all the time so
I can get the screen on the devices whenever I open laptop or connect display
without reconfiguration.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Problem with 855GME and external display (laptop)

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I made myself one of these a few years back. It is a fake VGA
connector with termination resistors on it. It will fool a video
card into thinking a VGA device is connected. Even 1/4 watt 5%
resistors from Radio Shack will do. As for the connector, you
will probably find that the connector, and the insulating housing,
are separate purchases. (Keep the lead length on the resistors
short, so the components will fit within the plastic housing.)

The fake doesn't support DDC, so the laptop will see a generic
monitor as being connected. (The laptop won't have a monitor
type declared for the fake. This may limit the resolution setting
in the control panel.) Whether this solution will do everything
you need, and be convenient as well, I cannot say.

Another route you could take, is have a look in the registry. Or
look in Google, to see if anyone has managed to hack a registry to
"force" VGA detection.

The load detection function was introduced to video devices a few
years ago. But it only serves to annoy users. Sometimes I don't know
why the manufacturers bother. They should at least offer an option
in the control panel, to keep any output the user wishes, turned
on. (Some offer a forcing function for TV outputs, but I don't think
even that is remembered between reboots.)

Perhaps you can contact Intel support, and ask them if a forcing
function exists. If the Tech Support has no answer, check to
see if the Intel driver developers have any mechanism to deliver
user feedback.


Re: Problem with 855GME and external display (laptop)

Thanks alot Paul =)

Tried it this weekend, works great with normal analog output but not
with a digital external display (there is no way to get digital data

Intel service did not even try to help ... they told me noone would need
this function so they wont implement it *shrug*. A softwaresolution
would have been the best way but I think I ll now follow the path to
build in an eprom to simulate a constant connection. Only disadvantage
is, there is no possible selection as only the programmed display will
be simulated.

Thanks again for your help ... will send the solution here if I ll get
it to work


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