Problem w/ Netgear WGT624 v3

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Hi All,

I've been having intermittent problems with the wireless access point
on my Netgeat WGT624 v3 (wireless router).

It goes like this: everything's humming along nicely, both wireless and
wired connections to the router are great, and then all the sudden, all
traffic stops flowing across the wireless "port" on the router.
Meaning, machines are still connected, the "signal level" still shows
up strong, but no data is flowing.  New machines can connect, but they
won't pick up an address via DHCP.  If they've got static addresses,
they connect fine, but no data flows either to the router, or past the
router (out to the internet).

All machines connected directly to the router via CAT5 still work fine.
 Everything in the router web admin tool looks fine, and it reports
that the wireless is up and running, and it even shows devices
connected wirelessly.

The only indication that there is a problem is that on the front of the
router, the LED that shows wireless activity is blinking slowly
(perhaps 1 flash per second?), and steadily.  Not the fast, chaotic
flashing you see typically see where there is real network activity.

Sometimes things will work fine for weeks, then we'll have 3
"breakdowns" in the same day.  Other times it seems to happen almost
every day.  The problem never fixes itself, so I don't think it's
intermittent interference.

The only thing that has ever been successful in fixing this problem is
pulling the power to the router and plugging it back in.  That has
invariably fixed the problem once it comes back up, which probably
takes about 30 seconds.

Again, it's a Netgear WGT624 v3.  Firmware version is V1.0.128_1.0.1.
There is a utility in the web admin tool to check for firmware
upgrades, and it tells me that I have the latest version for my

I am running WPA.  There are only 2 devices that regularly connect: an
XP Pro laptop with an integrated 802.11g adapter (I believe it's an
intel chipset), and a Netgear WGPS606 (Wireless bridge).  The bridge
connects 2 other devices, and XP Pro machine, an a Mandriva Linux

The WGT624 has a few "extra" features such as a "range extender" and a
bandwidth doubler that allows it to operate at 108mbps.  Is it possible
those are causing problems?

Bottom line: does anybody have any suggestions on how to prevent fix
this?  It's getting rather frustrating!

Re: Problem w/ Netgear WGT624 v3

Forgot to say: Adelphia cable is my ISP.  Don't think that's relevant,
but FWIW, there it is.

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