problem to use DDR insted of SD RAM

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Hi All,

I have Kobian Mercury (KOB P4M266 NDFSMx), motherboard on my system. (I
have Dual RAM slot on my motherboard)

My system working fine with SD RAM for 1 year, now I just bought a new
DDR RAM bcoz my SD was crashed. And now i m trying to boot it with DDR
Ram. But my computer is not booting.

I came to know that there is a jumper setting required, but don't know
which jumper and where are they?

Any Idea..........


Re: problem to use DDR insted of SD RAM

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Re: problem to use DDR insted of SD RAM

In article

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Driver/manual page:

Manual in PDF format (~1.7MB)

This is a crazy motherboard. Other manufacturers place level
conversion chips between the SDRAM and DDR slots. These guys
use a whole bunch of jumpers (J2A/B/C/B and J3A/B/C/D).

Look in the manual, for JP1, as it controls the supply voltage
used. It looks pretty dangerous, as if it is set wrong, 3.3V
gets applied to RAM rated at 2.5V (I don't know how this is
wired or set up, but if the RAM doesn't appear to work, this
could be the reason why it no longer works). There is also a row of
jumpers, labelled J2A/B/C/B and J3A/B/C/D in the manual, that
have to be installed in order to use DDR memory. There must have
been a bag of jumper plugs in the motherboard box, in order to
do that. PDF page 8 shows a clear picture of the location of
the jumpers involved. The J2A/B/C/B and J3A/B/C/D row looks like
there could be 80+ jumper positions!

I hope once you have set all those jumpers correctly, that you
will find the DDR memory still works.

If you look here, you will notice the JP1 jumper is colored RED
in the picture. I presume that means DANGER :-(

Just a guess,

Re: problem to use DDR insted of SD RAM

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I hope that when you fitted the SDRAM and took all those connectors off that
you put them in a safe place because you have to put them back to run DDR
RAM on that board. I've got a SYNTAX board with the same design - and boy is
it a pain in the ass changing memory types. Good board apart from that.

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