Problem starting computer when harddrive installed

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I bought a new hard drive, a Maxtor 80 GB ATA/133 sold under the
eXtreme brand name (SKU 345501).  When I plugged in this new hard drive
into my computer and turn on the power, the power light comes on, the
fan briefly spins and then the fan stops and the computer does nothing.
 If I install my old hard drive in the same manner, everything works as
expected (fan does not stop, the BIOS screen appears).

I did not install the IDE-ATA interface cable that came with the hard
drive, but instead used the cable that was already part of my computer.
My old hard drive is a 40 GB Seagate Barracude 7200.7 ULtra ATA.
According to my motherboard manual (Asus A7V8X-MX SE), the IDE specs
are 2 x UltraATA 133/100/66/33, so I take this to mean it should
support the hard drive I purchased.  Why does installing the new hard
drive cause the computer to do next to nothing (except briefly spin the
fan)?  Do I need to install the other IDE cable?  Does my computer's
motherboard sound like it supports this new drive? (Note, I tried
setting the jumper in the JS/Master and Slave positions, and they all
had the same behaviour).

Re: Problem starting computer when harddrive installed

To provide more information, I installed the new hard drive in a
different computer and everything worked as expected: the new hard
drive is recognized in the BIOS of the second computer.  Any theories
why it doesn't work in my own computer?

Re: Problem starting computer when harddrive installed

What happens if you connect only power to the drive?


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