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I hope this NG can help?

Why has my printer started printing BLANK pages instead of a normal Word
Doc. or PDF File?

Help Please  John

Re: Problem Printing

John.N. wrote:

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Does this also happen when you print a test page ?

I have seen some printers that completely clog their heads if they have been
left idle for a long time (months) Canon's in particular (in my experience)
seem prone to this.

If you still have the documentation for your printer you should find a
facility to perform a print nozzle check which will confirm this.

Re: Problem Printing

Wayne Stallwood wrote:
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Assuming he has an inkjet.  Very adequate laser printers are
available these days for $200 and less, and they will pay for
themselves in ink alone within a year or two, not to mention the
added speed.  Of course you will have to give up colors on these

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