Problem powering up Dell Inspiron 600m

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I got my Dell Inspiron 600m laptop in June of 2003.

Since January of 2005, I very often have problem powering up the laptop
by pressing the round power switch button.  It just cannot get the

By 'very often', I mean that it does power up at times.  But I cannot
tell when it will and when it won't.

I called Dell Tech Support, while I was holding the line, their
prerecorded message mentioned this problem.  Apparently, this is a
known problem to Dell.

The solution that they suggested is simply taking out the battery on
the back, unplugging the power cord and letting them idle for about 5
minutes and putting them back.

This does not work.  I tried it many times.

This system is out of warranty, but I am wondering what might be the
cause of this problem.  How to fix it?

Any guru?  Thanks a lot in advance.

Re: Problem powering up Dell Inspiron 600m wrote:
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This sounds like Dell wants to discharge capacitors on the start
circuit, then recharge when the power is reapplied, hoping that the caps
will last long enough with enough charge to allow the power button to
signal the start.  If the cap(s) are completely failed, this won't work.
You might look at the mainboard and see if you can identify any leaking
or burst capacitors that might be fixed.  Usually this is a factory
repair or new mainboard.

A step that other vendors include is to hold the power button down for a
minute after removing the battery and AC power.  You might try this.


Re: Problem powering up Dell Inspiron 600m

On Mon, 22 Aug 2005 01:24:37 -0600, "Quaoar"

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I agree that it may be effecting the outcome by having the
caps drain but is it necessarily a clean connection between
this and failed caps?   Generally speaking, if a cap is
marginal it'll work better already having a charge then
trying to accumulate one during an initial (time critical)
power-on sequence... unless they're lossey.  I wonder if the
standby power subcircuit (internal power board) is failing
and essentially locks up the logic for the power-on circuit.

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IMO, probably shouldn't take a minute, if the button is
doing anything it should be a matter of a seconds.

Re: Problem powering up Dell Inspiron 600m

kony wrote:
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One would think "instantaneous", but Compaq has recommended this for
years on their older laptops, FWIW.


Re: Problem powering up Dell Inspiron 600m

Try removing the keyboard and bios backup battery for a few minutes
(watch sized battery). I had a similar problem with an old Dell laptop
and this fixed it.

Re: Problem powering up Dell Inspiron 600m

After I had my new 600m and found a problem with the sound, they sent a
tech out to replace the motherboard.  After he got it in, he pushed the
power button, but it would not turn on.  This was a refurbished board
and I assume the original problem, for which it was replaced, had not
been repaired.  Didn't look good for Dell's quality control.

There is a little circuit board under the power button area which might
be causing the problem.  It is probably not replaceable by itself, so a
new motherboard may in order.

Since the cure Dell recommended did not seem to work, I would tend to
think their solution is not the correct one.

I do notice my computer takes a longer button push to achieve activation
when on battery than it does on normal power.  It is probably not
relevant, but you might check the little lid position sensor button to
make sure it isn't sticking.


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