problem installing nvidia driver

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I have a HP Media Center Computer with Windows XP and Service Pack
2.   The computer came with Nvidia GeForce 6150 Display Adapter.

For some reason, the displays have failed and can show resolutions no
higher than 800 x 600 pixels and only 4 bit colors.

I have tried to correct this by reinstalling the driver for the
adapter from Nvidia's website.  The installation went through all of
the paces but never showed "installation complete", but did give an
error message :

     "an error (5011 : 0x8002802b has occured while running the

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to correct the problem.?
Nvidia does not have a tech support phone # listed.

best,  Aaron

Re: problem installing nvidia driver

did you uninstall the old one first......

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Re: problem installing nvidia driver

Don't uninstall just the driver. Go into device manager and remove the video
card. When you reboot it should recognize the card as a standard VGA device and
you should be able to install a driver.

tpow wrote:
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                   Mike Walsh

Re: problem installing nvidia driver

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card. When you reboot it should recognize the card as a standard VGA device and
you should be able to install a driver.
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Reply to all of the good people of answered my post.  Problem has been
solved.   I thought I had uninstalled the
nvidia driver before I posted the question, maybe I tried by only
using the add/remove feature of Control Panel.
I did access the DISABLE VIDEO CARD under properties which was under
display settings and, after that, rebooted the computer and did
succeed in installing the driver that I downloaded from Nvidia.   A
lot of fumbling on my part, but
succeeded in getting proper displays up again.   I did not know that
installing the drivers for the motherboard would also install the
video drivers, so should the problem arise again, might try that

In any event, the HP support people, who did not suggest disabling the
driver first,  finally after trying to reinstall the driver, suggested
that I reformat the hard drive and then re-install XP.    Fortunately,
from your suggestions, this was not necessary.   To all, my
appreciation is PARAMOUNT.    Aaron

Re: problem installing nvidia driver

On Tue, 15 Apr 2008 13:43:38 -0700 (PDT),

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Thanks for taking the time to report back on what resolved
this... too many people don't.

It is a shame but the so-called support people at HP did
what is all too common, using a policy of doing quickest
thing to shorten calls by placing the burden on the caller
to reinstall and potentially lose data.  Some of them don't
even bother to ask if you had important data before
instructing someone to format their hard drive - the
significance of which doesn't dawn on some people until
after they've done it.

Re: problem installing nvidia driver

On Mon, 14 Apr 2008 21:29:20 -0700 (PDT),

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Was this system still in the factory configuration or had
you changed some drivers, maybe even installed windows

If you had installed nVidia drivers, the full package from, the download creates a folder on the OS
partition, typically C:\nvidia\  in which it puts the files
prior to executing the setup routine.  You might check
there, if they are present then reinstall that.

If that is not present, get the newest driver for the
chipset (motherboard) from  Forget video for a
moment, get the full chipset package as it may have video
driver included.  Prior to installing that, since it may be
a different version you would want to go into add/remove
programs and choose to uninstall the nVidia drivers - all of
them, there may be a window where you checkmark what to
remove.  When that finishes, you will need reboot the
system.  When system reboots, if it detects hardware and
asks for drivers, just cancel that as many times as

When it has finished nagging for drivers, then install the
drivers you'd downloaded from  All of them,
though it's your preference whether to install the IDE
driver - go ahead and try it, you can uninstall later if it
is problematic.

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Unfortunately nVidia would not provide support for this as
they only sell chipsets to the board/system manufacturer or
OEM which is HP.  

nVidia does have a lot of customers and forums with people
owning their products so you may instead find a lot of peer
support, including someone who has resolved your problem.
You might also read their FAQ here:

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