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The pc crashes and the blue screen appears. (Vista)


Some people says that there's a problem with the RAM.

How can i see if the RAM has a problem?

The error occurs some times, not every....
I ran Memtest86+ and the test is passed without errors.

Sorry for my english, thanks.

Re: Problem BsoD

Francesco wrote:
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A second test I use, is Prime95 from . It is
available for Linux and Windows. /

The Prime95 "torture" or "stress" test, is a tool which
computes a math equation, with a known answer. As such,
the program can detect if a computation error has occurred.
People use this test, as a proof that the CPU, Northbridge
and memory are working.

Prime95 cannot test all the memory. It tests the memory not
used to hold the OS. On my 2GB machine, I can test about
1600MB or so of the memory. But it is a more stressful test
than memtest86+, and is a more sensitive test of problems with
the hardware.

The p95v259 version is multithreaded. On a four core computer,
there would be four test threads, each computing the math equation.

The program should be run for four hours or more. That is sufficient
test time, to conclude the memory is OK. You can also leave it running
overnight. It makes the CPU hot, so check the CPU temperature and
make sure the cooling works properly on your computer.

A test thread will stop, when the first error is detected. I've had
the test detect a problem in only a few seconds (on a highly overclocked
computer). So you may get an indication of hardware trouble, in a
relatively short time.

In this screenshot, Prime95 has been stopped manually, using the "stop"
option in one of the menus. It looks like this person was testing
a quad core CPU.

There are other stress test programs besides Prime95. I haven't
been keeping track of them. A private forum involved in
overclocking, is a good place to learn about other stress test


The other possible cause, is a Vista driver could be bad. So it may not
be memory.

"Windows Driver Kit: Driver Development Tools


Re: Problem BsoD

Thanks Paul, but i am unable to download the file... can I try another
location or another stress test?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I reinstalled all the OS Vista and the problem are still here.

Just reinstalled the problem not appears, but after unistall Norton and
installing CCCleaner, WIndows Clean UP and little more the problem
comes again.

The blue screen appear after the boot of windows, when Vista finish to
load all driver.

Re: Problem BsoD

Excuse me

Prime 95 downloaded
There is a program able to test motherboard ?

Thanks !!!!

Re: Problem BsoD


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Write down the stop code.  Determine if the error message is
the same, or if more than one that it's still the same
repeating themselves.

If it is always a random file or stop code, suspect the
memory or CPU instability.  If it is usually the same,
suspect a bad driver (it is usually a driver).

Re: Problem BsoD

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Many thanks.

The first error is IRQL NOT LESS OR EUAL (it happens most times)
but there are many others BAD POOL CALLER, PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED
Someone without description.

Vista says to disable Caching memory but in the BIOS i can't find this
function. I have an ACer, i think the BIos is quite blocked.

I had tested the memory with memtest without error.
I dont' know a test for CPU or motherboard.

Thanks for your help

Re: Problem BsoD

Francesco wrote:
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I think you have a memory problem.

See if you can run Prime95 (use the torture or stress test -
you don't have to "Join GIMPS" to use the program).

Memtest86+ doesn't detect all memory problems, only some of
them. Prime95 does a better job of that, although it won't give
the address of the bad location.

If the computer has two memory sticks, shut down the computer,
turn off the power via the switch on the back of the computer,
then remove one of the sticks of memory. Now, boot the computer.
Do the symptoms change ? Shut down the computer again, and
swap sticks, trying just one stick of memory. That may help
you determine if one stick is defective.

Always remove *all* power from the computer, before handling
the memory DIMMs.

Memtest86+ tests all of the memory, except for about 1 megabyte
reserved by the BIOS. Prime95 can only check the memory which
is free memory - on my 2GB PC, it can check about 1.6GB of it.
The other 0.4GB is used by the OS or Prime95 cannot reach it.

But if there is a stability problem with memory or CPU, Prime95
is more likely to show you that a problem exists.


Re: Problem BsoD

Thanks, thanks, thanks !!!!

I've running Prime 95 for 5 minutes and it seems to not detect error.

I try again in more time.

When PC started it seems all ok, and it conitnues to work for hours.

Many time the pc starts, the desktop is loaded properly but at the end
of the loading oh the resident programm (secuity
center,windows,update,ecc) a blue screen appears with many errors.

Today 1 new error found in win32k.sys.... and 1 traditional IRQL NOT

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