printing problems (vista, hp1200)

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Hi there,

I have a problem with printing.
I use vista ultimate 64 and old HP LaserJET 1200, connected on LAN
through the printserver.
I cant use the printer - it takes several LONG minutes to select the
pronter from the available printer list (in any "print..." command), the
actual print never comes out.

Other computers in the network print with no problems (they use win xp,
but the OS shouldnt be the problem - I *think* i was able to print
normally after I installed Vista)
dont remember what happened after

I need a clue where to start to locate the problem.

Re: printing problems (vista, hp1200)

Tomasz:) wrote:
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This is fairly speculative, but it shadows how I've previously fixed
networking printing problems with HP printers, but on XP.  Basically,
you should update the printer driver on your machine (not the machine
the printer is immediately connected to the printer.)

1) Go out to, and download the driver set for your printer,
language and operating system.  For a LaserJet 1200, English and Vista
64-bit, I found these downloads:  (watch for url wrap)

The "basic driver" is here:

That file is a self-extracting archive.  Extract it, but do not execute
the embedded setup file.  You can accomplish this with WinZip or WinRAR.

2) Update your driver.  For XP, I think I ended up having to uninstall
and reinstall the printer.  At some point during the reinstallation, I
have a chance to direct the installer to a specific set of drivers,
which I point at the extracted files above.

This appears to be a description of how to just update the drivers in

I'm sorry I can't be more specific.

Re: printing problems (vista, hp1200)

Grinder pisze:
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Thanks for this very detailed answer. and the time you spent doing that
- I DO appreciate.

Unfortunately changing the driver didnt help. the new one (HP) still
looks for the pronter, and, although it is installed in the system
(visible in the "Printers" Folder) it is not usable.

I am afraid it is compability issue (I need 64 bit driver) - i found
some notes saying the driver provided by HP is not really 64. On the
other hand I *think* i used to use THIS printer nad THIS system with

Moreover, after 1 minute wait the printer printed the "testing page"
(dont know how it is called in english version OS)

will try to do something with drivers..



Re: printing problems (vista, hp1200)

Tomasz:) wrote:
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The key for me, that I hope you were able to try, was that I
specifically directed the printer installation to my set of files.  When
I was just adding a printer and it automatically found the files it
needed, it would screw up the install.  What's more, the symptoms of
that screw up sound very much like what you're experiencing.

Good luck.

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