Printer Trouble - may be OT

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I have a HP AIO 950Cse printer.

Suddenly it is printing on a slight slant.  May be a few degrees off
vertical.  I have run every test I can find, and they seem to look
okay, but my horizontal rows of text are on a slight slant.

All I am asking is - can anyone suggest where the problem might be and
how I can fix it?  I am looking for ideas.  The manual shows nothing.



Re: Printer Trouble - may be OT

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Can you do an alignment test? That will set up any "jaggyness".

Is your paper tray adjusted properly? If it's a bit wide the paper can shift
when pulled into the printer, and go in crooked.

Re: Printer Trouble - may be OT

On Tue, 23 Oct 2007 15:08:19 GMT, "Noozer"

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... or similarly, if one of the feed rollers is hardened
from old age, or has gunk on it, that may force the paper to
advance in an uneven rate side-to-side.

If all else fails, check that Italics icon in the
application, maybe it's toggled on?  :-)

Re: Re: Printer Trouble - may be OT

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No icon.  On this printer, the feed tray is horizontal at the bottom
of the printer front.  I examined it, and it looks fine - I see no way
to tweak it a little to make the printing come out straight.

So I guess one day I'll have to dismantle the printer to examine the
feed rollers etc.

Yes,  I have run all the 'alignment' options that I can find.

Thanks for your comments


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