printer needed for old laptop

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I have an old laptop that doesn't have a USB port - does everything I need
except my printer just died. I'm having trouble finding a deskjet printer
(in the UK) that has a parallel port connection though.

So first question is - does anyone know of such a printer that is on the
market now

Second question - if not, is there anyway of connection a USB printer to the
parallel port on my laptop? I've seen lots of cables that go the other way
around - i.e. allowing an old printer's parallel port to be connected to the
USB socket on a computer, but not the other way around.



Re: printer needed for old laptop

On Sat, 10 Dec 2005 12:45:18 -0000, "JIP"

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Hp makes some, a few others as well... usually more common
in what they call "business" printers.  Several of these
models have a click-through chart that show connection

Re: printer needed for old laptop

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Another thought would be to get one of the small stand alone print server
boxes.  I have seen them advertised for about the same price as cheap home

The D-Link one I installed was designed for two parallel printers and one
USB printer.   The user hooked a laser and two inkjet style printers to
their box and all three worked just fine.  The D-Link box came with drivers
to install in machines not running XP so they could recognize and use the
server.   We had a mixed bag of Windows ME, 98, and XP home all printing up
a storm once the drivers were installed in the ME and 98 boxes.

Google around for "print server USB parallel" and you can find them with as
few as 1 port, some USB, some parallel, but if the price is cheap enough get
a multi-style port unit for future connections.  A two USB and one parallel
port model would be my first choice for home use as most newer printers seem
to be supporting USB rather than parallel.

Both wireless and wired print server boxes are available now.

Just make sure it is an actual stand alone box and not a server card to plug
directly  into a printer.  For the price difference the stand alone box is
better in my mind for personal use due to the flexibility it allows for in
the future.

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