Pressure Sensitive Keyboard idea

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Just a suggestion that someone come out with a pressure sensitive
keyboard. It would sense the direction and how hard I am hitting the
keys on the keyboard.

Imagine the possibilities.


Re: Pressure Sensitive Keyboard idea

On 26 Sep 2005 05:28:35 -0700, wrote:

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Just what direction did you plan on pressing them, and what
result did you hope for, if you were to press the "m" key
leftwards instead of down?

A keyboard is a standardized human interface, you would have
to have a very specific need for such a control method and
it would seem most likely that an even more suited
controller could be made that didn't try to integrate a
keyboard into itself, too.  Alternately, many keyboards have
special function, programmable keys.  Is it really good to
make a lot of keys perform several functions instead of
dedicated keys?  IMO, most people would rather not have to
use multi-key combinations for a function rather than one
dedicated key or a standard way of accessing the secondary
function like the shift or control key.

Re: Pressure Sensitive Keyboard idea

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What I could see possibly working is having each key like a D-pad, with an
indent in the key kinda like a thimble. Instead of going for the QWERTY row,
you'd just type your key up, for the ZXC row you'd type your key down. Left
and right would produce other keystrokes.

Would be a good opportunity to get rid of the "slow" QWERTY keyboards of

Re: Pressure Sensitive Keyboard idea

I hadn't thought of that one.

I was thinking more about recording the users mood based on how they
use the keyboard.

Or maybe how you could enhance computer games.

Re: Pressure Sensitive Keyboard idea

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I wonder what destroying it would indicate about their mood..


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