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Someone recently (a few weeks ago) posted a link to a web page that will add
up all power consumption in a PC. I  know there are loads of these out
there, but this one was very detailed - it let you choose which graphics
card you have and which PCI cards you have etc. The page had a coloured
background, if that helps anyone!

Can someone post it again - I can't find it. Thanks.

Re: Power usage

On Wed, 3 Sep 2008 11:42:08 +0100, "GT"

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It's useless.  You can't reasonably, additively sum the max
power consumption on all devices and pick a PSU like that,
it ends up suggesting people need at least 60% higher
capacity PSU than they really do.

Generally the most suitable way to go is look at what CPU,
video card, and # of hard drives you have and use that to
estimate the load on the 12V rail.  Another alternative is
settle on a budget and look for sales and/or rebates within
that budget since it can result in a higher capacity than
needed without spending more for that.

Generally speaking, the cost difference on quality PSU isn't
much until you get into something high enough in capacity to
support a very power hungry video card or SLI/Crossfired
cards.  Otherwise today a good ballpark for a non-high-end
gamers system is about 500W, or around 350W for a typical
office box with integrated video.  Even these figures are
usually overkill, but typically anything rated for less has
cut more corners to reach a lower price point than only the
wattage capacity on the label unless it's a smaller form
factor PSU to fit in a reduced size case.

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