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I am experiencing the following problem when starting up my computer early
in the morning (after a complete shutdown and power-off during the night)

When I press the start up button for the first time nothing appears to
happen. When I wait a while  (several minutes) and repeat this a few times
the computer starts normally. During the rest of the day no problem occurs.
The following morning however the problem comes back.

I have thought of the following possible causes: fault in the button, fault
in the motherboard, fault in the PSU.

I have tried to examine the start up button, but this being located in such
a position in my computer case (Aopen) , that inspection or replacement is
totally impossible, which in fact means that I would have to obtain a new
There has been no change in the hardware or software for the past month.

Re: Power-up problem


   Most likely this is a PS issue. There is a leaking capacitor that cannot
build up the initial voltage needed to actuate electrical feed. Push again
after the first charge has built up and the cap charges a little more so
that the gate opens and other key voltages are allowed to go.
   I've had this happen on a PS where first thing in the morning one would
push the machine on and it would turn off 15 sec later. Wait a minute and
push it again and it would run for 5 min. Push again it would run for 10
min. Push again and it would run for the rest of the day. Changing the PS
did the trick.

Good luck,

Jan Alter
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Re: Power-up problem

On Fri, 1 Jul 2005 09:57:33 +0200, "William"

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Not impossible, most likely you merely need remove the front
(plastic) bezel to access it.  However, if the button still
has a definite mechanical clicking action (perhaps a click
sound), and the button easily releases and springs back, AND
it doesn't help if you push the botton harder- then it's not
likely to be the button.

As Jan mentioned, it's more likely a capacitor(s) aging or
failing.  Examine the motherboard- if you see vented
capacitors, replace the board.  Otherwise it's more likely
the power supply.

You might also check cards and cables, just in case some
make poor contact.

Re: Power-up problem

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Thank you all for your reactions. I have just determined that the
powerswitch did not make a proper contact and needs to be replaced, which
due to the poor construction, unfortunately means  replacing the case with a
better quality power button. I have now ordered a Lian Li V1100 case, which
is a bit expensive but solid.

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