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These are probably the stupidest questions in the world...but I just bought
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Subject: Power Supply Help...
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These are probably the stupidest questions in the world...but I just bought
this thing and the Use Manual wasn't in the box (can't contact them until
Monday about it) so I have to ask as this is different from any power supply
I've used before apparently.  This is an older power supply, I needed an ATX
1.3 with the aux power connector for my year 2001 model Gateway computer.
It's a Fortron, FSP, whatever
(http://pcpartscollection.com/fspfs40siled.html ) power supply.

Well the first question is that black nob in the second picture.  It spins
like a volume control nob, one side is a + the other a - .  I'm guessing it
has something to do with fan control?  Also, there is no voltage switch.
Every power supply I have ever had has had one, is there a reason there
isn't one on this model?  I have to wait until Monday to contact them about
my manual, was hoping maybe someone here would know something?  I don't want
to hook this thing up until I understand it...

Re: Power Supply Help...

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the specs say 115/230 volts

some of the newer devices do not require a switch so it should be fine

and yes, the knob is to adjust fan speed

Re: Power Supply Help...

Okay, that's great, thank you so much.  I've been waiting to get this to
support my new video card and really wanted to use it this weekend :)

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