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Tried to boot my computer today and the Power Led and the Green HD light
came on but the system would not boot could it be the motherboard battery?
If it was dead?  Computer has been working fine up until today?

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Re: Power on Question

On Mon, 10 Oct 2005 23:10:30 GMT, "Crow T Robot"

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Yes, a dead battery will do that on some boards, but not
all, Several things could cause these symptoms though, from
a dead video card or dying PSU to bad motherboard or other
misc issues.  A concise list of all major componets would be
good start, and if you have a multimeter, take voltage
readings of the battery and PSU output.

Re: Power on Question

Power Supply about 3 years old and working problem free
ASUS motherboard also 3 years old and was working fine.
One of the power supply leads was not working correctly but I isolated it
and have not used it.
Pentium IV processor 2.8 800FSB
Main HD is serial Western Digital has been problem free.
Would a motherboard battery go dead after 3 years?  Would this be an issue
with a ASUS motherboard 3 years old?

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Re: Power on Question

On Tue, 11 Oct 2005 01:14:31 GMT, "Crow T Robot"

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Did you confirm these work fine _now_, or is this meaning
only that they were working fine before (something obviously
stopped working fine)?

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Generally speaking, power supply leads don't have too many
problems, is it possible that details about this would be

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Usually no, it would take a few more years, but it's
definitely possible.

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The average motherboard, including Asus' boards which are
higher quality than average, would not fail in 3 years.
Certainly a small percentage will fail, Asus is not immune
to a random failure.  The brief detail you mentioned about
the power supply lead might be significant, if there was
some other problem all along it could put more stress on the
board, or power supply or ??

We can fairly ignore what is "probable" since the typical
system is still working after 3 years.  What remains is what
is either more likely if a random parts replacement strategy
is undertaken, or to try and isolate the parts and test them
as much as possible.

Towards this end, it might help to strip the system down to
bare essentials, only video, CPU, heatsink/fan and 1 memory
module.  Disconnecting- drives, keyboard & mouse, any aux.

Since you had mentioned the battery and it is 3 years old,
you might go ahead and buy another battery if it's
convenient, if you have no multimeter to check the voltage.

Also try clearing CMOS.  

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