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When I switch on my pc I get a second or so of activity, then it shuts down.
Sometimes it goes further into the boot process before shutting down.
Sometimes, thank goodness, it completes booting up.
After shut down the 'on' switch doesn't work. If I then operate the power
unit's 'off/on' switch, the pc 'on' switch then works.
At it's worst, I went thro this process 6 times before getting a full boot.
(the pc had been unused for 3 days, which may or may not have something to
do with it).
Once it has booted fully, I get no further problem.
Any ideas about the possible cause?

Re: Power on problem

On Thu, 28 Dec 2006 15:16:47 -0000, "Brickcounter"

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It is commonly due to the PSU going out of correct regulated
voltage, and it's protection circuit shuts it off.  If you
have a multimeter you might check voltages just prior to the
shutoff, or if you get system running long enough, enter the
bios menu health monitor page and observe reported voltage
there (but this reading may deviate from true voltage at PSU
by a certain %).

If there is nothing else wrong then the odds are you need a
different PSU for whatever reason... you didnt tell us about
the system so we can't be sure the PSU is even "bad" per se,
it could be substantially mismatched to the system (like a
newer 12V-optimized and monitored unit powering an older
system using very little 12V current).

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