Power AC Adapter Charger For ASUS G75VW-FS71

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I would like to purchase an extra power supply charger for the
above-mentioned notebook but the OEM version costs almost $100.00!

I was hoping that my favorite cheap cable supplier (monoprice.com) would
carry such adapters, but they don't...

Does anyone know of a _reputable_ online place (in the USA) that sells
such chargers cheaper than $100.00?  (i.e. I am looking for a non-OEM
version!)  I have already checked amazon.com (they are not much
cheaper); I am not sure I trust ebay.

* Output 19 V DC, A, 180 W
* Input 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz universal
* ASUS' SKU # is 0A001-00260000

I have found a few places that sell this charger (probably the non-OEM
version) but I do not know whether or not they are reputable businesses.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!


Re: Power AC Adapter Charger For ASUS G75VW-FS71

"tb" wrote:

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If you restrict your selection to non-OEM version which mean you want
the Asus branded version then you're pretty much stuck with their MSRP.
Apparently you demand the item have Asus' rebranded item with their
sticker slapped on a product manufactured by someone else.  You could
search at froogle.com (Google's shopping list) or just at Google.com on
the part number (you didn't mention here) to see if someone buys them in
bulk to pass on [a portion of] their discount to you.  Is this the item
below that you want?


That shows their SKU number is 0A001-00260000.  So do a search on "asus
0A001-00260000" to find someone offering a replacement for half of Asus'
price; however, it's highly likely you see a different brand on the
label since Asus didn't get to slap their sticker on it - and you demand
that the sticker says "Asus".  If you still must have "Asus" on the
sticker, add "genuine" to the search criteria (but you'll pay more).
Alas, Google no longer honors the "+" before a search term to mandate
that term be present in a search so you're stuck with an OR'ing of the
terms.  You could try putting "AND" between each term.

Froogle includes buyer reviews of estores they've bought from.  

Re: Power AC Adapter Charger For ASUS G75VW-FS71

tb wrote:
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That's a fair amount of power, much higher than your average laptop adapter.
In terms of building an ATX power supply (which would be a much larger
metal box), it would be cheap and easy to do 180W conversion. In
a smaller adapter, an adapter that pretends to be portable, it's
going to be pushing the power density to do that (watts per cubic inch).
The adapter circuit must be extremely efficient, to make 180W, without
the casing of the adapter getting hot. So, when shopping for
one, you'd want to check whether anyone finds that their
"cheaper" adapter is overheating.

I don't see any cooling vents on this one, and neither do I see an attempt
at providing a cooling solution. So however these are designed, they'd
have to be equivalent to a "Gold" class ATX supply. That's so the waste
heat inside the thing, doesn't cook it, or burn you when you touch it.

(Amazon.com product link shortened)

And that's why you're paying $100.00 for it. If you took the adapter
on my laptop, you'd need three of them, to equal the power of that adapter.
So paying $100.00 for it, doesn't seem so outrageous when you look at it
that way (the equal of three low end adapters). However, if I paid $100.00
for it, it better not overheat, or I'd be pissed. If they're going to
design it, with no attention to heat, then they better have used
a damn good circuit inside it.


Re: Power AC Adapter Charger For ASUS G75VW-FS71

On Saturday, September 8, 2012 12:18:33 PM UTC-7, tb wrote:
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I don't think you can buy a quality one for less than about $70, and even a=
t that price many AC adapters are junk and lack UL or CSA safety approval. =
Worse, UL or CSA approval is often faked, as indicated by the lack of any a=
ssociated registration numbers, but sometimes false numbers that represent =
no real manufacturer are printed next to the logos, so verify at UL.com or =
CSA.ca.  Don't rely on just the brand name or model number because even the=
y've been falsified.

You really want something that's UL or CSA certified because uncertified AC=
 adapters are quite a bit worse and don't include filtering against surges =
or protection from excessive voltage or overloads, and their electrolytic c=
apacitors are bad brands that wear out a lot faster, especially inside a se=
aled-up AC adapter case.  I had a non-certified adapter fail a couple of mo=
nths ago with a diode and high voltage transistor shorted  I transplanted i=
ts power cable into a UL approved AC adapter that seemed to be built better=
 -- a lot more parts, more care in keeping the high voltage away from the l=
ow voltage.

Most AC adapters don't fail inside but develop breaks in their cables or co=
nnectors.  What happens when you wiggle the cable going to the computer at =
either end while trying to turn on the computer?  If it sort of turns on so=
metimes, the cable or connector could be bad, but often the connector insid=
e the computer came unsoldered from its circuit board.  Any such cable brea=
k near the connector that plugs into the computer is fairly easy to fix by =
soldering in a new connector or by splicing in a cable from another AC adap=
ter into the original cable.  If you can't find such a cable, try a Salvati=
on Army or Goodwill store, which sell them cheap.  Be sure to get the conne=
ctor polarity correct so the AC adapter or computer doesn't get damaged.

The case of a 180W adapter may be screwed together, with the screws hidden =
under the label or any rubber feet, but most adapters are glued and have to=
 be opened by cutting, prying, chiseling, or flexing (flexing cracks the gl=
ue joints).  If you cut or chisel, don't let the blade penetrate the plasti=
c much at all because some internal components are located right next it.  =
Also never operate the AC adapter with its case opened.  Some adapters have=
 flimsey metal shields that can cause shorts or even high voltage shock haz=
ards if not installed right or if the case doesn't fit together properly.  =
Duct tape the case together, without blocking any ventilation holes.

Re: Power AC Adapter Charger For ASUS G75VW-FS71

On 9/10/2012 at 3:58:38 AM larrymoencurly@my-deja.com wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Do you know of a reputable online site that sells good quality
chargers?  I am looking for recommendations.


Re: Power AC Adapter Charger For ASUS G75VW-FS71

Quoted text here. Click to load it

At low prices?  No.  :(  I think you'll have to pay at least $75 for someth=
ing that isn't a piece of junk, and I strongly urge you to avoid junk becau=
se of the high voltage involved here.  As I mentioned, ask for the UL or CS=
A registration/file number, and verify it with UL or CSA.  The few dealers =
I've checked when I searched for AC power adapters, including those at eBay=
, were always forthcoming about UL and CSA safety certifications, but still=
 ask for the file numbers.

It's likely you can use a 180W, 19.5V AC power adapter made for a different=
 major brand computer, provided its DC plug has the same polarity and size.=
  Sometimes adapters for Dell, HP/Compaq, or Lenovo are cheaper.

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