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"McGill students' priorities are so different from those at American schools
," he says. "There are good athletic teams at McGill, but it's not such a bi
g deal. Intramural sports are a huge thing, but it's the reverse in the U.S.
 Football games at McGill will often only be a third full; it's not that the
y don't care, it's just not as important in their lives. But on a football S
aturday at Wisconsin, people start drinking the day before."
"I'll give you E.T.," I said. "But I don't buy Close Encounters. Those alien
s were cute, sure, but that doesn't mean they weren't evil. Once they got ou
t of the solar system, Richard Dreyfus was probably penned up like a veal. A
nyway, no one really knows what's going on in that movie. Spielberg must hav
e been downing peyote frosties when he thought that one up."
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"I can," I said. "I do. You hired Michelle for a job. Now, through no fault
of her own, you have decided you want someone else in the role. I'm fine wit
h that. But inasmuch as Michelle did nothing to warrant her dismissal, I don
't see how you could begrudge her her salary as severance pay."

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