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"Thanks, Carl," I said.
"Six long, unproductive hours," Barbara said. "And I'm going to keep waiting
, and everyone here is going to keep waiting, until the Union president gets
 here. Anyone who leaves before he gets here is fired, UNION OR NOT."
Bowen smirked. "All right, then. Here's what I want. I want your dog to leap
 over that plastic fence over there, come back around this way to this" -- h
e motioned to a window with a shade on it -- "and grab the blind string in h
is mouth to open the blind. Finally, I want him to go all the way back there
" -- He pointed to what looked like a kid's playhouse -- "there's a doorbell
 button on the right side of the door that he should be able to press. Have
him press it, turn around, sit, and bark back at us."
Carl laughed. "Tom, I'm an agent," he said. He stopped laughing when he real
ized that no one else was. "Go on," he said, grumpily.

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