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I have been trying to track down a diags card that fits in a PCI slot.
The better ones are pricey, the cheap ones give wild results. However
even a maker of a better one says they won't work without a good cpu
in the mobo, in which case what is the point of such a card?
 I have an expanding collection of matching mobos-cpus that don't
work, however I've no way of knowing if the chip is faulty or the
mobo. I assume it is unwise to insert a known good chip into an
unknown mobo and vice versa for fear of ruining a possibly good
Hence is there a way of telling if a chip or mobo is good without
knowing first of all whether its partner is working?
Is there a POST card that does not need a good cpu, or that gives a
"bad cpu"  beep?

Re: POST Diagnostics Cards

spammed wrote:
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you really need to just use a bit of parts swapping.
i've never had a bad mobo take out a cpu

also: in all the machine's i've repaired...
when it comes down to the problem being either the mobo or the cpu...
it has usually turned out to be a mobo problem
(unless the cpu was overheated)

(the one exception was an old AMD I had over-voltaged)

Re: POST Diagnostics Cards

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Thanks Philo, so I started swapping.
The 2 mobos concerned are
MSI 6738 and Elite K7S6A
The MSI has jumpers for frontsidebus of 100 and 133 but the cpu ratio
settings are I assume onscreen
The Elite has jumpers for cpu settings but the FSB settings are
So if a board gives a blank screen I assume the cpu ratio  (for the
MSI) or the FSB speed  (for the Elite) are non-vital? After all if a
board shows no display and either of these two settings are onscreen
then how are we to alter them? It seems daft to me that MSI seem to be
saying that an incorrect cpu ratio will not prevent a mobo from

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