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how can i see what ports are being used when i connect to the
is there a program that does this?  thanks

Re: Port scanning

robert wrote:
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If you are using XP you might want to try the netstat program in a command
(dos) window.  It's usually included in a routine XP installation.

netstat -n will give you a listing of active ports.

use netstat /? to give you the list of other options available for the

Re: Port scanning

GlowingBlueMist wrote:
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Same for at least W98 up.  Also see ipconfig.

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Re: Port scanning

robert wrote:
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Type   netstat -a 10   at the command prompt.

Port scanning is a somewhat different matter.


Re: Port scanning

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Go here, click on cports.exe.
http://www.thevine.net/filedownload/PUB/cports /
D\load and your good to go.

Re: Port scanning

beenthere wrote:
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you mention cports.exe by Nir Sofer. It's good .
there are these convenient programs. a well known one by sysinternals.
I'm waiting for a program that'll tell me source/dest ip.  i.e.
client/server ip.

not local/remote.

Local/remote won't tell me if it's incoming or outgoing.  I don't mind
if it says local/remote along with incoming/outgoing. But they don't.

The date/time that connections are initiated would be useful.

I'd be interested in any ideas.

2 programs i've noticed come close..

ethereal - but you have to add an expression to it - to only show
connections initiated, and it is overkill really. it's a packet
sniffer. It's more GUI than necessary, it doesnt' make a convenient
port logger.

win NT port logger called "MS Port Reporter"- the issue I barely recall
with that is it only let you view the log as a file when you stop it,
it may not give process names, it prob gave time - which is good, i'm
not sure if it said incoming or outgoing.  source/dest.  At least it
gives the time , which is a feature missing frmo these GUI netstat like
snapshot like programs.

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