polycom soundpoint problem

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It is not a directly computer related question, however..

I just bought on eBay a Polycom Soundpoint telephone (not VoIP), =
allegedly 3-line. The seller was a fraudster and I got caught in the =
trap. She said it was a "demo" but left a room to believe that this demo =
could be a full working prototype.

In short, it was DOA. I have had a 3-line Polycom Soundpoint for years. =
I tried to test the new phone with the parts of the old one and it =
became clear that the "demo" was dead.

I opened the box. I found two PCBs inside but no connections between =
them. They are just sitting there.

The handset of the "demo" does not work if attached to the "old" working =

Any advice as to how to make it a working phone?


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