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Re: Please don't hate SONY for their one mistake with DRM protection

BearItAll wrote:

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The worse thing is that SONY still claim there's nothing wrong with what
they did and that their software is completely safe - despite there already
being 3 Trojans that use it to hide and anyone who accidentally installs it
on a Beta of Vista (or whatever it's called this week) gets an unbootable

I guess the latest music on SONY is so bad no-one will want to play it in
6-12 months then - I still regularly play LP's that are up to 50 years old
so I presume SONY don't expect anyone to do this with current releases if
their current CD's instantly trash any future Windows versions?

SONY must be made to not only pay compensation but be forced to do a
worldwide product recall on affected CD's as these things are a timebomb
waiting to go off if anyone finds them in their collection and attempts to
play them in a few years time.

I don't know about US law but here in the UK we have consumer protection
laws where the seller is responsible for any damage caused by faulty goods
(then the seller has to go to their supplier to repay damages, supplier has
to get repaid by manufacturer) so Music stores could get sued for selling
these faulty CD's as well unless they've got clear warning notices in the

Re: Please don't hate SONY for their one mistake with DRM protection

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I don't need DRM to hate Sony.

My only VHS to fail within the warranty period was a Sony, an expensive
Sony with s-vhs, editing, etc. Any power glitch would corrupt the flash
memory where its settings were stored so it'd forget its channels, etc.

After it was out of warranty I found the setup procedure on the web. One
day it forgot the channel I'd set it to record in my absence. I took
great pleasure in throwing it at high speed into the skip.

Sony? - Never ever again, even before this latest sneaky trick of



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